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Useful time management tips for students newly introduced to homeschooling


Are you struggling with time management?

Most of you know I homeschooled three of our children from pre-school through high school. All of them even did some home college. I’ve been done a few years but wanted to continue to provide solid ideas for you who are still homeschooling. Plus, all of us face our own time management struggles.

Valentina Wilson is a homeschool mom and will share some of her ideas about time management.

A larger number of students than ever before are now experiencing home-schooling to further their education. For students who are new to home-schooling because of the COVID-19 pandemic or those simply wanting to adopt homeschooling can face some difficult time in getting used to it. A large number of students are now taking online learning classes. It’s easy to be happy to see so many students are into virtual classes and homeschooling to further their studies. 

But it is quite difficult for students to balance school and normal life. It is difficult for students to be able to manage their time effectively. Homeschooling can be fun only when you can manage your time to make it more worthy. Thus, students may have to learn how to manage their time while experiencing homeschooling.

If you’re beginning your homeschooling journey, you need these tips for homeschooling time management.

1. Set learning goals

Homeschooling allows you to customize education. Goals are an important part of that process. If you have a plan for your education, you are more likely to achieve the challenges related to it. So, to set learning goals, you can break them down by year, semester, and month.

2. Set your priorities

As you progress with your homeschooling, you will be given more subjects to your learning program. You need to learn new subjects and disciplines. You need to manage the increasing study within a set time. How do you manage this?

Well, setting priority is the key. When the workload increases, you need to decide the order in which you can learn subjects.

You can place the order as per your preferences. Make sure the learning order works for you. By doing so, you can manage time with your increasing study load.

3. Fix a designated space for your learning

Homeschooling can take a lot of time if you don’t get organized.

To make your homeschooling more fun, you need to create a great environment for yourself. So, to preserve sanity, fix a proper learning space. Keep your books and other study materials in that specific learning space. If you end up doing your homework in the living room, keep books back in their proper place. This disciplined practice can help you to save time in searching for necessary study materials lying around.

4. Create a daily schedule and follow it

Homeschooling can bring flexibility and discipline to your learning experience. But, to make it more spontaneous, you need to have a clear structure. Having a schedule or learning structure can help you to avoid going off track.

How can you make a schedule?

  • Use color-code by type of subjects and activity.
  • Make a simple flowchart to understand what to do the whole day.
  • Mention the time of the break in the flowchart schedules.
  • You can also use the lucid chart. It helps you visualize your schedule and track assignments.
  • Use any ready-made templates to outline and customize your study schedule. 


5. Online learning? Be disciplined

If you are following online classes, then your schedule is already hectic. Managing homework given by teachers along with other activities can be hectic. Thus you should know how to set aside time to focus. Being an online student, you need to plan to engage with your studies throughout the week.

Here’s how to plan your study

  1. Purchase a calendar to plan your daily and weekly assignments.
  2. Highlights because of assignments, including drafts and final submissions in the calendar.
  3. Set reminders for the activities related to your programs like study group meetings or on-campus online events.
  4. Virtual or in-person office hours with professors and advisors.
  5. Create a consistent time and workspace.
  6. Don’t miss your online classes.
  7. Avoid ignoring the homework. Piling undone assignments can create problems in time management.
  8. Allot enough time to require readings, assignments, and online discussions.


6. Use a planner

Try to use a ‘school planner’ to manage your study time. It can be digital or printable hard copy. Start by picking one subject for a day. Ask your parents if they have any suggestions. You can also discuss with your study plan with your teacher. Remember, each subject will have its planning challenges. You may need more days for a particular subject. So, keep that in mind while using the planner.

7. Set a timer

To avoid wasting time, set a timer when sitting down to work. Pick a lesson that you want to learn while setting a timer for that. It will help you to keep motivated and energetic while learning. You can also get knowledge on time for learning a lesson.

8. Avoid multitasking

Homeschooling can lead to multitasking for students, which can decrease their productivity. Thus, students should focus one thing at a time, whether that’s preparing for the upcoming exam, completing a project, reading a textbook, Emailing a professor, or participating in an online forum. Try to focus on one assignment at a time.

9. Reward yourself

To motivate yourself, reward yourself for getting something done in the specified amount of time. You can give yourself a 1 hour of gaming time or screening time as a reward.

You can also ask your mom to cook your favorite dinner as a reward.

Last, to stay focused, you can use the project management tools available online. However, concentrating on what you are studying is important. So, turn off the online distractions like social media surfing, online gaming while studying. Remember, without concentration, you will not be able to follow any calendar, chart, or routine. So, learn fast to meet the deadline and score well on the exam.

By Valentina Wilson

 Valentina Wilson is a writer. She loves to analyze personal financial matters and help others manage their finances in a better way. Traveling is also her passion. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her blog. She believes that transparency and conversations about money are essential in gaining control of finances.. To connect with her, go to her LinkedIn or visit her blog




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