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Kind Corrections Editing Service


Hi, I’m Emily Sather.

I have been a freelance editor for eleven years now – it’s difficult to give an exact amount of time, because I was doing the work for various friends and family members for some time before I put a name to it. I’ve worked on a wide variety of manuscripts, ranging from essays to fantasy novels, from a book about how to sell on eBay to editing for an internationally-distributed homeschooling magazine for over a year now. I’ve worked with both professional authors and very inexperienced writers.

I can provide a variety of types and levels of editing services, from broad critiques and suggestions on early drafts to in-depth editing or final proofreading before publishing. When I send you corrections or suggestions, I will also offer explanations for why something should be done differently. I am willing to work on manuscripts of any length, from a magazine article to a full-length book.

Visit Kind Corrections for more information.

I am a member of NAIWE, which is the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors. You can view my professional profile there.


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