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It’s Great To Be Back

It is great to be back in so many ways. My last article was on December 19th, so it’s been a while. I took some time to work on getting settled into my “new normal”. 2019 gave us a new granddaughter and a new son-in-law. Our little family is growing and we’re loving it.

The holidays were quiet, just enjoying being together when we could. We went to bed at 10 PM on New Year’s Eve, so you can see there wasn’t a lot of excitement here.

Everyone was tired from a good friend’s wedding on December 28th. Both our daughters were in it so we had two long days of wedding prep right after Christmas.

How did you spend the holidays? Are you back on schedule now?

City Sparrows review

Lamplighter asked me to review their book City Sparrows. Since we own all of their Lamplighter Theater CDs and many of their books, I was happy to do it.

City Sparrows


This book shows how the Lord cares for even the birds of the air, so surely cares for us. The story draws you in from the first page.

I think of the Lamplighter books as comforting and relaxing. They cover difficult things, but in a very gentle way.

They weave many details into the stories in a very sensitive way so they can discuss hard issues.

It was written in 1873 but is still relevant to today’s world, showing how the Lord works many things together for our good.

We own all the Lamplighter Theatre CDs. Our children grew up, but we still enjoy listening to them when we travel.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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