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How To Clean Kids Toys

How to Clean Kids Toys

Lydia, my new granddaughter seven months old and starting to navigate by herself.

We also have several new babies at church.

And we are teaching a parenting class.

I’ve been in several conversations about cleaning toys, etc.

When Deric Hales sent me this article and wanted to know if I would share it with you guys, I jumped at the chance. He has some good ideas that I think will be helpful to those of you with young children.

Kids — they bring life, energy, adventure, and joy to your life; but one thing they shouldn’t bring is germs.

Protecting your kids’ toys can be a simple, effective way to keep germs at bay and keep kids safe from viral infections, bacteria, and contagious bugs.

When not properly cleaned, children’s toys can serve as a host for a wide variety of infectious diseases.

Kids and the Risks of Infected Toys

Kids tend to have weaker immune systems than healthy adults, which can make it especially easy for them to pass contagious germs amongst themselves. They cough and sneeze directly on toys, and put their hands in their mouths. These are all quick ways for germs to travel, making it critical to minimize the germ risk as much as you can.

How to clean kids toys
Playing with toys and other children is essential to your child’s development, but it can also bring them into contact with more germs.

Children can pass many infections back and forth to each other, but here are the top 10 disease offenders for children.

  1. Common Cold (Rhinovirus)
  2. Flu (Influenza)
  3. Strep Throat
  4. Gastrointestinal (Rotavirus)
  5. Pink Eye
  6. RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection)
  7. Chicken Pox
  8. Head Lice
  9. Pinworms
  10. Ear Infections

Toys can be an especially good harboring ground for these types…   Continue Reading




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