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Be Under a Great Leader Or Be One

Be Under a Great Leader Or Be One

We can’t all be great leaders, but we can all be under one.

I told you yesterday about my friend Katie Hornor and their amazing story of growing a business from literally nothing into a movement that affects an entire people group.

She’s just released the first part of her new series called “Message to Movement” and I’d love for you to click over and watch it. Katie and her husband persevered through some amazing heartbreaks, and financial difficulties to get to where they are today.

Do You Need Hope?

I know you may be skeptical, let me tell you… She’s not selling anything in this video, but she is giving incredible hope and some great action steps for sharing your message without spending money.

I know you will be blessed and inspired by her story and easy down to earth tips.

If anyone knows how to inspire and teach it, she does!

Click here to watch!



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