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Practical Thoughts On The KonMarie Method

Unless you haven’t listened to anything or read anything recently you’ve probably heard about the KonMarie Method of organizing.

I’ve heard about it for several years and paid very little attention to it because I thought I knew how to organize. As I said in a recent post, HAVE YOU HEARD OF SWEDISH DEATH CLEANING? It tells how I discovered that I don’t really get rid of clutter but just organize it better.

I don’t even remember how it came to mind a few months ago, but I decided to order the book and see what it was all about. The struggle to let go of things was often overwhelming.

I just felt stuck!

  • My closets are full, my drawers are full, the garage is full, and I just want it all to disappear.
  • I had researched dozens of methods.
  • Read dozens and dozens of posts on how to do it.
  • And yet I stood frozen in time.
  • Unable to even begin, much less to do all I desired to do.

Marie Kondo on TV

  • About the same time, the TV show came out, so I watched a couple of episodes with my family.
  • I “KonMaried” my kitchen towel drawer using her folding method. It had always been a sore spot for me.
  • Over the years I purchased decorative towels, pot holders, etc. for various holidays.
  • I rarely used them because when I thought about the idea of digging through everything to find them was overwhelming.
  • Now in my newly “KonMaried” drawer, I could open it and pick out exactly the towel I wanted. I forgot to take a before photo, but believe me when I say it was a mess. We had to hold things down to clothes the drawer.

Do you see it? Right there in front. My snowman towel for all the snowy days we’ve had. And next to it is the red towel I like to use for Valentine’s Day. When I prepare for someone’s visit it’s easy to pull out a nicer towel rather than one I’d use for a day when I’m making spaghetti sauce.

This drawer gave me joy – one of the phrases she uses often in the book. Pulling it out to see the order even made me smile.

Some things I don’t like

I also found things I didn’t like about the method. Praying for my house was great, but not the same way Marie does. I also thanked the Lord for His provision, but not the towels. I will share more next time.

In my next post, I’ll share with you where I’m going from here. Meanwhile, grab your own copy of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and let me know what you think of it.


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