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Lifting a Twenty Pound Turkey Can Be Good Exercise

Is this how you shop?

  • Lift that turkey into your cart – of course, you picked the biggest one, right?
  • Three gallons of milk is next. How can we drink so much milk?
  • Oh, that’s right, we need a gallon of vinegar.
  • Thank goodness for the small things, yogurt, eggnog, cheese.
  • On to check out
  • Here we go again, lift that turkey, three gallons of milk, one gallon of vinegar and the small things.
  • All paid, now to put everything back in the cart, turkey, milk, vinegar, and the small things.
  • Out to the car, and you lift them all into the car.
  • Finally home and once again you lift that 20-pound turkey, three gallons of milk, a gallon of vinegar, and the small things.

Do you realize that you lifted everything five times? Sounds more like a workout than a shopping trip.

That’s how I used to shop.

Then I met Mary Ann


Now I shop like this

  • Get a cup of coffee and sit down at my computer.
  • Put all my groceries in my online cart.
  • I keep open tabs for another local store so I can compare prices.
  • Pay for them and tell them when I want to pick them up.
  • I drive to Walmart.
  • Mary Ann puts that 20-pound turkey, three gallons of milk, a gallon of vinegar, and the small stuff into my car.
  • In five minutes I’m on my way home to unload everything.
  • I lift it all once, put it away, and I’m done!

Just think of the advantages

  • Time saved
  • Less impulse buying
  • Money saved by being able to check prices before purchasing
  • Less lifting
  • Less getting cold or wet – I live in MN
  • No looking for a good parking spot
  • Saved energy for fun things instead of all that lifting

What about

  • Prescriptions
  • Shopping you want to do for yourself
  • Produce
  • Returns

Even if I have to go into the store to get a prescription, or pick up some things that I want to shop for myself, I still order my heavy things to pick up. It still saves me time and effort.

I’ve begun to order my produce from the pickup – you can check it before it’s put in your car and not get it if it isn’t what you want.

If they don’t have what you ordered, for instance, a three-pound bag of broccoli flowers. They gave me 3 one-pound bags for the price of the three-pound bag.

The links to Walmart pickup are referral links. I will get $10 if you sign up. But so will you after your first order. It’s a win-win.





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