The Hardest Parts of Writing by Alana Terry

by Phyllis Sather on April 24, 2015

I’m glad to have one of my favorite authors sharing about her latest novel. I hope you will watch her tell about her writing experience and consider purchasing her latest book – Unplanned. 


A first-year college student adjusting to life in the States.
A brand-new pregnancy center desperate for new volunteers.
A mysterious phone call from a girl who’s far too young to be pregnant.


from award-winning suspense novelist Alana Terry

After volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, Kennedy Stern finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay for victory.

(Be sure to see below to get your own pre-release copy of Unplanned before it hits the bookstores.)

The Hardest Parts of Writing(a video interview with Alana Terry)

In this three-minute video, Alana Terry talks about some of the hardest parts of being a writer.


Unplanned is the newest Christian suspense novel from award-winning author, Alana Terry. PRE-ORDER the ebook today, fill out the form below, and receive:

  • a pre-release copy of Unplanned (no waiting for launch day)
  • the Unplanned Bonus Materials (go behind-the-scenes with deleted scenes, bloopers, character studies, and more!)
  • 30 Days of Prayer to End Abortion devotional
  • an exclusive 20-minute video from the author answering readers’ frequently asked questions (includes  the story of the mysterious phone call Alana received that was the basis for the novel)
Sound like a good deal? Pre-order Unplanned from amazon, then fill out this form to receive your free pre-release copy.

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