Love to Travel? National Travel Month is Here

by Phyllis Sather on May 2, 2016

If you love travel the way our family does you are not

going to want to miss these articles!

Love to Travel

Word Travel

Even if you don’t love to travel you won’t want to miss these articles, because you will learn some new things that will make you want to travel.

When we got married I had been on exactly two trips in my entire life. Dan’s family on the other hand traveled as often as possible. When we visited them we often spent the evening eating popcorn while watching slides of family vacations.

I loved it!

For someone who had never been anywhere it was fascinating to think that people actually went to all these places.

I quickly adopted Dan’s families tradition of traveling and we’ve traveled as often as possible.

Car trips are by far my favorite way to travel and I’ll be writing about it during the month.

Our 3000 to 4000 mile September car trips have created so many memories and we’ve had so much fun together. Travel has bonded our family like nothing else could. Even the difficult times are funny now and we often watch our home movies together so we can relive these events.

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