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Lower Calorie Treats

fewer calorieaGreetings

I’m still here. I know I haven’t been posting recently, but hopefully, now I will get back on course. We’ve had several health issues in our family since I had cancer and it’s taken the wind out of my sales trying to keep up with everything. Thank you for all your prayers. That’s the only thing that kept me going.

Fewer Calories

With the holidays upon us, I’ve been working to cut back on calories without cutting out the flavor. We’ve tried several things including going back to our crustless pies as often as possible.

Find the recipe here: Healthified Mixed Berry Pie with Lemon Cream

That was all we needed to start us on our crustless pie – and quiche idea.  Give it a try! You could sprinkle some crushed graham crackers on the top of a banana cream pie so  you would still have that flavor without all the calories.

We tried this pie, but none of us liked the crust too much, so we decided to put the layers – minus the crust, into stemmed glasses. These were very attractive and easy to put together at the last minute since we had washed and cut up the strawberries earlier. We also had the glaze on them so we just layered the Greek yogurt, berries, and Cool Whip. Doing it this way cut the calorie count even lower than the 200 calories per slice the recipe says since we eliminated the crust.

We also thought it would make a lovely dessert made the way we do Death by Chocolate – pictured below, but with strawberries rather than the chocolate cake and pudding layers and served from a crystal bowl.

      Death By Chocolate recipe



Adding in some helpful things this is one I’ve been checking out

 Fitness Volt

Calories Per Meal Calculator: Find Calorie Breakdown Per Meal


Theresa Tapp passed away from cancer but you tube still has some of her workouts available.

T-Tapp is a 15-minute workout you do in your home that tightens and tones your whole body faster than any other workout!

T-Tapp is easy to learn,fun …

This is the workout I’ve used for several years. When I do it faithfully it keeps my glucose in line

without medications.

Still finding joy in the journey,
Phyllis Sather

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