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Thoughts on Finding Time to be With Someone You Love

She just shrugged, “You know how it is,” she said (although I didn’t). “You always find time to spend time with someone you love.”"

Years ago I read this little article about Bodie Thoene:

Quiet Time

“I interviewed Bodie Thoene years and years ago, before she was well—known in Christian publishing (although she was already a successful author—I just didn’t know).

Listening to all she managed to pack into her life, I asked, “How do you make space for devotions?”

She just shrugged, “You know how it is,” she said (although I didn’t). “You always find time to spend time with someone you love.””

After reading it, I cut it out and glued it to a decorative piece of paper and taped it above my desk where I would see it every day. When we moved five years ago, I packed it up with my desk things and just ran across it recently again.

Reading it after all this time still evoked the same response in me. I can only imagine how busy a writer of Bodie Thoene’s level must be, and if she finds time to be with the Lord, I certainly must have time.

I do have a time and place for devotions set up, and I actually do quite well at getting there most days. But, that isn’t all that strikes me when I read Bodie Thoene’s response. I want to have her heart response – I want to be drawn to my quiet time place because I love the Lord and can’t wait to spend time with Him.

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To be honest, some days I do it out of duty, some days out of habit, and other times because I have a beautiful view and I love to sit there and look out the window while I drink my morning coffee. That’s actually one reason I chose this spot for my quiet times – the beauty I see out my window draws my heart to the Lord.

I begin to thank Him for giving us this place to live, for the trees and flowers, the wildlife, and the quiet.

Then I’ll hear one of our children and begin to thank Him for them and the joy that they’ve brought to my life.

One thing will lead to another and soon it doesn’t matter if I came to this place out of duty or habit, or just to enjoy the view and my coffee. I find myself sitting at the feet of the One I love.

God is like that. It isn’t so much why we come to Him, but that we come to Him. He will meet us there – where ever it is, because He loves to be with each of us.

So yes, I often wish my heart were different and I would find myself rushing to be with the one I love, but I have made provision, and I have put a habit in place, so that in the morning I find myself in position to meet with the One I love.

How about you? Do you have a quiet time place? One that you can make a habit of going to each morning? Perhaps if you make these arrangements you too will find the Lord waiting there for you each morning as I do.

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