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Tag: planning

I can think of dozens of applications for this font - I'm sure you can too.

Free Handwriting Font!

I've been working on my photo albums this week and remembered this site and thought it might be good to post it again for any of you who use your summer time to catch up on your photo work. It's a wonderful font to use on your photo pages, since it is your actual writing.     I…

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Where am I going with this? Well, as believers we need to continually count the cost of every choice we make.

Be Sure to Count the Cost

As I write this we have been without running water for 24 hours. We are in the middle of replacing our 31-year-old furnace. It was supposed to be an easy job – five days – in and out – no problem. Only yesterday they accidentally drilled through the water pipe to our house. In 1992 when…

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I think the biggest reason we are succeeding is that we have all taken responsibility for being good sheep. I’m going to assume that all or most of you believe that the father is the head of the home – the shepherd. A shepherd is only as good as his sheep.

Are You Being a Good Sheep?

Since I’m talking about our husbands as our shepherds this week I couldn’t resist showing you this video, Amazing Sheep Light, about sheep. Please take time to watch it as these are some incredible shepherds – and sheep! Just click on the highlighted words. As you know I’ve been covering some of the areas that the…

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