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Thoughts on Being Left Behind

Thoughts on Being Left Behind $5.95

At one time or another we all feel left behind – whether because of illness, loss of a loved one, or the busyness of parenting and/or homeschooling. These timeless pieces, written by someone who went from the life of an active and involved woman to a near invalid within just a few weeks, speak to the heart of anyone who feels like they’ve been put on the shelf and possibly forgotten.

My desire for this book is that it would speak to people right where they are and will encourage them to look to the Lord.

Here is a sample of her poetry.


Inside this Tattered Tent

By Manghild Sather 1987

Inside this tattered tent
Lives a spirit that soars —
A spirit that thinks, has intelligence and feelings.
O, how I wish
You’d look past the tatters
And see the Real Me

Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Melissa Telling)

This booklet provides a glimpse into the heart of a woman who, through God’s providence and circumstances beyond her control, found herself on the sidelines of life, looking in but not fully able to participate. In her own words: “Modern life-saving techniques make it possible for life to continue beyond usefulness. That means many of us are alive but not able to really live…”

And yet, in spite of her limitations, she proved a constant source of encouragement to her daughter-in-law (who gathered and published these writings) and a ray of hope to many others who were ill and shut in. By choosing not to focus on her problems, she continued to be “useful” even though she could no longer be “productive.”

As homeschool mothers we may often find ourselves feeling “left behind.” Though it is our own choice to stay home and raise and educate our children, it is a choice that can often leave us feeling lonely and isolated. It is a feeling that not many, even our own husbands, can truly comprehend.

And yet, here is someone who could understand. These poems and thoughts from her journals encouraged and blessed me. I not only found myself seeing new ways that I could reach out to those around me, but also gained a new sympathy for my aging grandpa, who has often expressed his feelings of uselessness.

Too often our focus in life is on production, but this booklet reminded me that relationships are of greater importance. And we, who are “left behind”, forced to live outside the center of activity, can still be a source of encouragement and blessing to those around us. In this we will find a sense of usefulness even from our place here “on the sidelines.”

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