Are You Playing With Your Christmas Presents?

by Phyllis Sather on January 8, 2014

I often have difficulty coming up with gift ideas, especially since I tend to be very frugal, especially with myself.  My family knows that the bargain is part of my gift, as you will see in this post, The Presentation is Everything.

I’ve been looking for a way to organize my recipes for a while, but the program I thought I wanted cost $60 – way too much for me to spend on myself. I found  it for $40, but that was still a bit over what I wanted to spend – what if I got it and didn’t like it? But when I got an email about a special online offer, only for $20 with free shipping, I knew I had found my Christmas gift.

Property of Write the Vision

Here are a few things from their website that they say Cook’n can do:

The Ultimate Recipe Organizer

Property of Cook’n

The Only Recipe Software that lets you:

Even though it arrived well before Christmas I let my children wrap it and put it under the tree. I didn’t even look it over, so on Christmas Day it was still in the shrink wrap waiting to be discovered by me.

I’ve just had a few hours to work with it. I actually watched some of the demo videos instead of fumbling around with it myself and I can’t believe how much help that’s been. Sure, there is a learning curve, but their well-done demos are a real bonus.

My favorite “tool” so far is Snip It. You use it to capture online recipes and it just whips them into Cook’n and formats them perfectly and I can file them under the category I choose.

You can easily make your own recipe book so I have one for Sather Favorites, and one for recipes I want to try which I can easily move to my Sather Favorites if we like it or delete it with a click of my mouse.

My other favorite thing is the formatting. Cook’n does all that for me. I’m delighted to have each recipe consistently in the same format no matter if I type it in, cut and paste from recipes that I have in Word, or capture off the internet.

It came with a number of recipes, and a code to get another of their recipe books for free so I have some new good looking recipes to try.

It has an app for my iPhone so if I didn’t let it make a grocery list for me (see the third item in the list above) from the menu I made on it, (see number two on the list above) I can quickly look at the recipe I plan to use while I’m at the store and see if I need any ingredients.

I’m sure I’m only touching the surface all this software does, but stay tuned and I will run updates as I use more of the features.

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