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Who Wants Free Books for Summer Reading?

We are posting nine free e-books on our website: Simply go to the website and click on the “FREE e-Books” navigation button at the left of the page.

Friday Freebies and Favorites HSLDA – Homeschool Legal Defense Association had some great ideas in one of their recent articles.

They are very active in protecting our rights to Homeschool, so you might want to check out their website, too, if you aren’t familiar with them.

Teaching with Historic Places – From: HSLDA As you map out your history course for the next school year, check out Teaching with Historic Places on the National Park Service (NPS) website. On the NPS Home Page at, enter Teaching with Historic Places in the Search field. You will be able to search for relevant lesson plans, online tours, photographs, and articles by location, state, time period, or theme. Best of all, the lesson plans, maps, and suggested activities are all free!

Free E-Books – From: Ed Dunlop, Cross and Crown Publishing We are posting nine free e-books on our website: Simply go to the website and click on the “FREE e-Books” navigation button at the left of the page. There are no strings attached; we are not even collecting email addresses. We simply want to place some Christ-honoring reading material in the hands of your young people this summer. Here’s what you’ll find:

• The Jed Cartwright Adventure Series: Six complete books written for middle readers. Set in the pioneer era, the Jed Cartwright series is filled with fast-paced action and adventure, but each book was written to encourage young readers to love the Lord and do what is right. The six titles include:

The Midnight Escape Theme: forgiveness and salvation

The Lost Gold Mine Theme: materialism

The Comanche Raiders Theme: God’s protection

The Lighthouse Mystery Theme: obedience

The Desperate Slave Theme: maintaining a good name

The Midnight Rustlers Theme: restoration

• Phantom Pilot: Here’s an action-packed POW story from the Vietnam War. Based on the actual accounts of more than fifty American POWs held in North Vietnam, Phantom Pilot gives an accurate picture of the trials and torments endured by POWs in the prisons of Hanoi. Written for Junior High and High School readers.

• Sherlock Jones Junior Detective Series, Books 5 And 6: Join two sixth-grade sleuths in their two most recent cases! Penny Gordon chronicles the adventures as she and her genius friend Sherlock Jones unravel the clues on two baffling cases: Sherlock Jones and the Missing Coins, and Sherlock Jones and the Odyssey Mystery.

Download page

For middle readers. All nine E-Books are downloadable in PDF format and are available as FREE gifts from Questions? Email or call us at 706-937-3798.

Kids of Courage Country Books – From: The Voice of the Martyrs The Voice of the Martyrs/Kids of Courage has country books online free to download and print. Most recent books cover China, Colombia, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gaza/The West Bank, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. Visit if you are interested.

Here is another fun summer activity. What happened the year you were born? Why not take a history trip with each of your children to the date of their birth.

Simply go to and check out their “On this day in history” page. You can enter your birth date and year and get a page to print out of all the different things that were happening the day you were born. We all found it fascinating. We printed out our sheets and had easy to do scrapbook pages.

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