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Victoria’s Secret but rated PG

Yes, this is from Victoria’s Secret!

It had bottoms too, but I threw them away.

Too Hot!

I’ve always been too hot.

Yup, never worn warm snuggly sweaters or sweatshirts because I’m always too hot.

I keep my winter coat in the car but rarely wear it.

Then Came Breast Cancer

Suddenly I couldn’t stay warm enough.

I had extreme exhaustion during and after radiation.

I sat and slept a lot – which was expected.

But it did nothing to keep me warm.

Blankets became my friends, but I couldn’t get up with them.

I had nothing warm to wear!

One day I remembered…

Buying a pair of PJs at a garage sale, as sort of a joke.

They were like thermal underwear and about 6 sizes too big,

But… they were from Victoria’s Secret and they looked like new!

The bargain hunter in me just had to have them.

I could just see Dan’s face when I told him I bought PJs from

Victoria’s Secret and I would wear them that night.

That brought another memory out of storage

I wore red footie one-piece PJs on our wedding night.

That was a tension breaker.

Less you think I’m crazy – I changed into something more appropriate.

I knew just where they were

I got them out and put them on.

I needed several big pins to make the waist fit, but I was finally warm.

Dan said I looked like a bag lady in them, but I was warm.

After a year of daily use…

They looked pretty rough.

Someone washed them where there was hard water, and they got big rust stains all over.

That didn’t discourage me. Of course, I was disappointed, but I wore them anyway.

Dan suggested I get rid of the baggy bottoms and buy some warm sweat pants.

Good idea, I could handle that.

But I was really attached to the top.

I couldn’t find anything that would replace them.

And I really tried.

Finally, I found a warm fluffy top that would work.

Dan liked it and so did I.


I couldn’t throw the Victoria’s Secret top away.

I wore it when Dan wasn’t around.

I realized a couple of days ago that it had become

My Blankie!

I feel so safe and secure snuggled in it during my morning devotions.

No way do I think of it as replacing the Lord,

but it feels like a warm hug from Him.


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