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Two New Ideas That You Will Find Special

Two New Ideas That You Will Find Special

Here we go again!

Measuring sticky things is one of my least favorite parts of baking. I guess Rebekah doesn’t like it either because she came up with this very creative way to do it.

Ta Da! No greasy measuring cup to clean.

I’m not sure how well this would work on something like oil, or molasses, but I think I will try it sometime. I’ll let you know.

Have you ever wanted to make Baked Alaska?

It’s one of the things we’ve discussed more than once. Our objection was that we have a small family and it would be just too big for us to eat in one sitting, so we just scratched the idea.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter Rebekah  (of  Self Pub Book Covers) had a brilliant idea! Just look at her book cover designs and you will see she is very creative.

She suggested we make individual Baked Alaska’s. We used our ramekins and it worked out wonderfully, as you can see from the photo.

baked alaska

Here is the Baked Alaska recipe we used. 

And where Rebekah got the inspiration to make individual servings.




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