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Pretty, Pretty, Really Pretty…

Pretty, Pretty, Really Pretty…

When you open your Trumans Starter Kit that will be your first reaction.

Trumans Starter Kit

I love pretty, so the brightly colored product caught my eye right away.

I love the quality, so the well-made spray bottles were the next thing I noticed.

I love order, so the neatly packaged product impressed me.

I love easy too.

  • Open the spray bottle,
  • Fill with water to the line,
  • Drop in the cartridge with the cleaner in
  • And screw the top back on.

I love cleaning products that work, so let’s give this a try!

Wow, a spray bottle that worked first try! I have to say spray bottles that don’t work every time are one of my pet peeves.

When I try a new product I go around to all the problem areas in my house. You know the ones. The places where you’ve tried every cleaner known to man and you still aren’t happy with the results.

I have extremely hard water! That means I have several areas that I’m constantly working on and trying new things.

If it wasn’t so embarrassing I’d show you a photo of my collection of cleaning products.

The first thing I try is the white spots under the water dispenser of my new refrigerator. I use the Everything but the Kitchen Sink cleaner (love the cute names too) and it came right off.

But it takes more than that to impress me.

Next, are the white spots all over my shower door frame.

Hard water stains

I know this isn’t a great photo since this is difficult to capture, but all the white spots on the frame are hard water stains. They were all over the door. As you can see from the top part Everything but the Kitchen Sink cleaner got this off too.  I did finish cleaning the door after taking the photo.

I move on to the cleaner titled More Shower to You since I’m in the bathroom already.

  • It easily handles my bathroom cleaning, just spray, let work awhile if there is a difficult spot and wipe dry.
  • Not all surfaces are flat so some places I sprayed some on a paper towel and let it soak for a while that way.
  • It smells clean and fresh!
  • When you run out all you order is the small cartridge of cleaning solution and drop it in your spray bottle.
  • In addition, it is non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals.

Have I got a deal for you!

I know by now you want to try this just like I did.  If you go through any of the links on this post you will get your very own starter kit for half price – that’s less than $10.

  • You will get four spray bottles that really work.
  • And a full cartridge of each of their four cleaners.

By the way, the window and floor cleaners work well too. They have cute names too.

I never tell you about a product that I don’t use myself. Please give this a try, I know you will be as excited about it as I am.

They do sign you up for future orders, but you can easily put a hold on them and just order what you need when you need them. That’s what I did.

Finding Joy in the Journey,



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