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How To Embrace Your Unique Story Written By God

How To Embrace Your Unique Story Written By God

You and your family are one of a kind. God’s writing a unique story in you! He’s lovingly handcrafted and designed you to make a difference in the world for His glory.

Embrace that story, for in it God will shine brightly and write powerful testimonies.

Don’t compare, copy, or covet anyone else’s story!


Encourage Thankfulness for Your Unique Story

Fall brings craft fairs and boutiques. I love handmade crafts. I read a tag that said, “You may see variations in [this item], but these make it one-of-a-kind.” Let’s love people’s variations, too.

Decorating my home for holidays is one of my favorite things to do. I decorate as early as September 1st for fall because I like to encourage thankfulness for months before Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays and tends to be hurried through in the rush to Christmas.

Painted wooden blocks and plaques saying, “Give thanks,” and “Be thankful,” encourage me to grow in this character quality. Wooden, carved pilgrims, and pumpkins with grateful sayings grace my dining table.


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Living Books Encourage Thankful Hearts For Your Unique Story

Living Books about the hardships the pilgrims and founding fathers faced sit on my coffee table and in baskets on the floor, their stories prompting thankfulness.

I need constant reminders to thank God and embrace the unique story that is ours.

Embrace Your Story Without Comparing

While Homeschooling, it was a continual challenge to keep my eyes on God’s path for our family, without comparing or coveting. Out of insecurity and fear of making a mistake, I tried to copy other families’ stories.

Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Story

If families had music ministries, I thought we should. If families adopted children, it must be our path, too. However good those paths are, they were not God’s will for us.

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My Husband Kept Us True To Our Story

My husband, thankfully, had no problem saying no. Now I am grateful for his ability to lead our family in the way that God wanted us to go.

God increased my faith and trust in Him when I thought my husband’s decisions were wrong.

The story of God’s faithfulness and how

He’s changed you through trials is your message to the world.

Wendy Gunn

God Taught Me And It Became Part Of My Story

My husband is cautious before making a decision. I fretted about this as a new bride. God taught me He created my husband to do that and it doesn’t hinder His work at all!

God taught me He is powerful enough to work through my husband’s decisions–right or wrong, made now or later–and He taught me to trust Him through His Word.

Your Unique Story Turns You To God

He is All-powerful to arrange time and circumstances so that my husband is ready to make a decision when He knows one needs to be made. I need not fret.

We learned through trials to turn to God’s Word, and obey. We learned to trust and believe more in God as He showed Himself faithful. On my knees in prayer, I cried out to God, and my prayer life deepened. All these are part of our unique story.

Turn To God’s Word and Prayer In Trials

Where do you turn when experiencing trials? As Christians, it should be first to the Word and prayer.

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Everything we need for godliness is contained in His Word.

God Builds A Platform Through Trials For Telling Your Story

God uses trials in your life to mold you, writing a unique story about Himself in you for the world to read. Our Sovereign God controls everything with a purpose in what He sends and allows. Because I’m a 17-year ovarian-cancer survivor, people tend to listen to me. No longer severely overweight, God opens the door to tell people how He gave me victory over gluttony.

These lessons were huge.

God refines me through trials, teaching me to pray, to rest in Him, and to have peace when the answer to my prayers is “No,” or “Wait.” I’ve learned that He is all I really need when I cry out to Him.

“Why would I want someone else’s story, when God is so personal and precious to me in mine?” Wendy Gunn

Don’t Try To Dictate to God What Your Story Should Be

My husband became the head of our home and Homeschool. He went to the Word for answers and ultimately knew not only what He believed, but why. God gave me a ministry to women and my most powerful testimonies. If my husband had followed my advice, we may have missed the trial but may have also missed the blessing.

Your Journey of Faith Is Your Unique Story

Our journey of faith through trials is so unique and so special to us, not like anyone else’s. So it is yours. Why would I want someone else’s story, when God is so personal and precious to me in mine?

God Is Writing An Amazing, Unique Story

It’s in your unique pain, trials, and suffering that God will write an amazing and unique story of His faithfulness and power and shine through you the brightest.

Embrace your family’s unique story. Wrap your arms around that amazing, unique story, born out of trials. Learn the lessons He’s teaching you. Surrender to how He wants to change you to make you more like Christ.

The story of how God’s been faithful to you through your trials, changed you, worked and is working in your life, is your message to the world. Embrace and share this unique and powerful story. Make a difference in the world for God’s glory.

Have a Great Week Making Your Home For God!

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