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Have You Ever Had To Take Your Own Advice?

Have you ever had to take your own advice? Something you've said to someone else suddenly applies directly to your situation?

As a new believer I started attending the nearest Lutheran church, since that was what I grew up with.

I joined a group of women who had a book study each week.

I was a single mother working several jobs to make ends meet.

One of the women was usually complaining about having to pick up after her husband.  With the tactlessness of a new believer I jumped on her one day and asked, “Is he a good husband?” “Is he a good father?” “Does he work every day to provide for you and your children?”

Her response was yes to all three questions.

To which I responded, “I know at least six single mothers who would be glad to pick up after your husband if he would do those things for them.”

Fast Forward…

After 31 years of marriage and three children, including one male child,  I found myself getting upset at the all the male hunting gear, fishing gear, camping gear, etc. that seemed to be constantly messing up my clean house and taking over my kitchen counters.The mess is part of the progress

In my mind I heard the Lord ask me, “Is he a good husband?” “Is he a good father?” “Does he work every day to provide for you and your children?”

And my response was yes to all three.

I didn’t see that coming, and I’ve needed to adjust my thinking a bit. My husband works long hours and comes home very tired. Often times he has to quit in the middle of a project and get some sleep. Was it fair of me to expect him to put it all away, only to get it all out the next evening? I decided it wasn’t.

He wasn’t being selfish or just sloppy. He was working on things to do with our son or us as a family.

I do make it easy for him to put most of his things away, and he does that. It’s the projects that I’ve had to learn to be gracious about.

 “A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike;Proverbs 27:15 ESV

What about you? Have you ever given advice and then had to receive it yourself?

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