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Happenings At The Sather’s

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted.

I took a week off for our planning time, but I didn’t plan to take a second week off.

That’s life!

I’ve been taking advantage of having my son and his wife here between their apartment rental and the closing on their house. That’s part of my excuse.

Happenings At The Sather's
Happenings At The Sather’s

Then my refrigerator decided it didn’t want to work. Thankfully, yes, thankfully, it’s been below zero here all week so my freezer things moved into coolers and took up residence on the deck. The refrigerator section is working ok for the moment.

  • The repairman said he can no longer get parts for it. It was here 14 years ago when we moved in and I don’t know how long before that.
  • Fast track to a new fridge.
  • Spend a day plus researching them online and at Consumer Reports.
  • I read dozens of reviews.
  • I decided I never wanted to see another refrigerator!
  • Saturday arrived and Dan and I headed out with our measurements and information and spent the better part of the day buying a fridge.

We do save ahead for these things so financially we were ok.

We always wait until we hear those dreaded words, “We can’t get parts.”

Then we’re off to research and buy.

This is the first new refrigerator I’ve ever had. I’m grateful that Dan has worked so hard so we could afford to purchase it.

What is your plan for replacing things you can’t live without?

I’ll be sending out an exciting post about a Valentines Day craft that you won’t want to miss!

Finding Joy in the Journey,


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