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Friday Free Fonts and Favorites

Friday Free Fonts and Favorites

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are enjoying some extra family time.

I’m really excited about this week’s free font because it’s ongoing and will provide you with some of the nicest fonts available, especially if you are into scrapbooking like I am. Creating Keepsakes is giving away one of their fonts every Friday. They just started doing this and you will want to be sure to add to your collection. Creative Keepsakes Free Font Friday.


Looking for something good for your youth to read? Check out Regenerate our Culture magazine. ROC is an online Christian youth magazine, and their goal is to motivate, inspire, and give practical advice and encouragement to America’s rising generation.

The issue currently up is from some time ago – they’ve been in the process of major staff reorganization and bringing in a lot of new writers. ROC is still very much alive, and they expect to publish their new issue within the next couple of weeks.


I recently read a very interesting article on modesty, titled Modesty Makes a Comeback. Be sure to check it out.


My favorite online back-up program is still Mozy Home. You will get 2 GB of free back-up space, and if you sign up through my link, which is highlighted above, we will each get and additional 256 MB Sign up now and see how having automatic back-up of your precious photos and lesson plans lightens your load. Take it from someone who lost both her desktop and laptop with 4 days – you don’t want to chance not having daily back-ups of your important material.

And last for today – Congratulations to Jennie Heberg from my subscribers, who registered from my post and won the Rosetta Stone Latin Program from Jenefer Igarashi.


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  • Phyllis
    Posted May 22, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    You are so welcome Jennie! I’ve discovered I love writing this Friday post – mainly because I just love a good bargain and its especially fun if I get to share it with all my readers. All week long as I go about my work I keep my eyes open for things I think will interest other women. It adds a whole new dimension to my day. Phyllis

  • Jennie Heberg
    Posted May 22, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    Thanks for announcing my name on your post today. I am so excited to get that RS Latin curricula. I may have told you that our whole family is planning to learn Latin due to this wonderful gift. Thanks to Jenefer and Rosetta Stone as well. But mostly, thank you Phyllis, for referring me to the contest.
    Phyllis, you come up with some of the greatest links, give aways and contests. Thanks for giving!
    God bless you,

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