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Don’t Forget To Stop And Make a Memory

Don't Forget To Stop And Make a Memory

Don’t forget to stop and make a memory

I know, I know. You’re busy.

  • Lesson plans
  • Setting up your schoolroom or getting your kids ready to go to school.
  • Spring cleaning,
  • Organizing, all the projects you never get to during the school year.
  • Perhaps even a short family vacation


  • Is there ever enough
  • Seems like adding one more thing will break you

Making a memory

  • It doesn’t take much time and could even provide laughter and a change of attitude.
  • One morning after I ate an orange I decided to put part of the peeling in my mouth so that when I smiled I had orange peel teeth. It got our day off to a great start with laughter.
  • Put Ice cream on cereal instead of milk. Ice cream is just frozen milk. Right?
  • With good cell phone cameras, you can take lots of photos. Kids love to pose and see themselves.
  • Dress up like the characters you are reading about in history.
  • Dan made a new treat – sprikle pickles – dill pickles with honey and cake sprinkles. I always said, “If they get sick they’re all yours.”
  • Have spontaneous moments – Eat in the yard rather than the house or in the little clubhouse if you have one with your swing set.
  • Snow Ice Cream

Spend a moment thinking and I’m sure you can come up with something. Please share your ideas in the comments so we can all enjoy them.




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