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How To Deal With The Dreaded Spring Cleaning Bug Part 3

Spring Cleaning Blessings

clean wood floor with dusting mop


Spring Cleaning Blessings using my new cleaning method:

If you haven’t read Spring Cleaning  Part one  or Spring Cleaning Part two you should.

  • We filled our extended minivan twice and our pick-up twice with things for Goodwill.
  • We filled a full sized pick-up with things for our church’s youth garage sale.
  • We gave bags and bags of things to other home school families with younger children who could really use what we had outgrown. One of the father’s is unemployed and it’s been so enjoyable to bless them this way.
  • We began to hear more of “Oh, so and so would just love this.” Instead of “I just can’t part with this.” I think we all became much more other focused.
  • We are all enjoying our new found space. Taking care of it is so much easier since there is so much less stuff. We aren’t just moving piles around.
  • I think we all have a better vision for maintaining since we’ve worked so hard to get things in order and enjoy having order.
  • We’ve cleaned our entire house – all four floors – every closet – every drawer- even every book shelf. Our daughters were able to part with 2 big boxes of books.
  • We are a team! When Dad mentioned the need to wash out the garage I heard our son tell him that if we all go out there and work together it won’t take long at all. I think we are actually having fun tackling cleaning projects together.
  • I actually feel “ready” for my in-laws to visit.

I hope this has blessed someone and that you will get inspired to get at that spring cleaning.

And Now For Our Link-up

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I Am Not Waiting For My Prince Charming
I Am Not Waiting For My Prince Charming

I’m looking forward to her next post on “Preparing for Him”

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