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Amazing Bargains

My husband says, “No one likes a bargain like my wife!”

Click on the above link to see the article by that title about my ground beef bargain.

And since he’s always right ;), I want to tell you about a couple of recent bargains.

Amazing Bargains

You know these fruit trays can be really expensive if you’ve ever thought about using them for time savers. There were dozens of them marked down from $13.99 to $3. I took a couple, then a couple more.

  • Realizing we couldn’t eat a lot of them before they would go bad I bought a couple for my daughter-in-law and then several for a friend with several children. I knew they would both love them.
  • I’ve found that getting a bargain for a friend is about as good as getting a bargain for yourself.
  • My friend needed to take food items to two events – what better than fruit trays. Plus she still had some for her family.
  • We enjoyed eating fruit like little bear cubs. I could say “Eat all you want!”.


amazing bargains

  • This last week I found four pounds of ripe bananas for $1.19.
  • I had just bought a big bunch for my family at Sams, so I put my mind to thinking about who else would use them.
  • I bought 4 bags for friends and dropped them off on my way home.
  • What a joy it was to share this even if it wasn’t a bargain for me – and they were so inexpensive that I didn’t even charge the people I gave them to. I was able to just bless them.

Be sure to look at my article. It will help you to know if a bargain is for you or someone else.

“No one likes a bargain like my wife!”

Happy bargain hunting!




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Amazing Bargains
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