From Croutons to Brownie Bites

by Phyllis Sather on June 19, 2013

Eric suggested croutons for our salad. We’re on vacation and keeping things simple, but I thought, I can do that – easy, just cut up some bread, add seasoning and bake – right? How difficult is that. I spent too much time trying figure out how to turn on the oven and never did figure out how to use the timer so I told myself I’d just remember to check them.

You know where this is going, right? Me remember…wrong. When I finally did remember I took them out and they were black. So much for my croutons. When the guys came home my husband looked in the pan and said, “Brownie bites?”

This led to a discussion of my optimism – apparently when cooking gets bad I tend to say, “It’s going to be OK.” Some examples are when the hot dish caught on fire in the oven, or when I poured the Thanksgiving gravy down the drain, . My girls said every time their cooking goes wrong they hear me say, “It’s going to be OK.”

That’s not a bad thing, right? After all, they don’t remember the hundreds of meals I cooked that turned out great, but the hot dish catching on fire, now everyone remembers that!

We’re making memories. We’re laughing at ourselves. Since laughter is so good for you, we’ll all live longer because that hot dish caught on fire – right?

I’ve also left them – and myself, with some important lessons.

It will be ok – we did eat that hot dish – after removing the burnt top and carefully browning the newly exposed top. We opened a jar of already made gravy that I kept on hand for just such emergencies and our Thanksgiving dinner was fine.

It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself. At one time or another we all so silly, dumb things. Where do you go with it if you don’t learn to laugh at yourself?

Don’t take yourself or your mistakes too seriously. They’re going to happen – learn to enjoy them. Make a memory.

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Finding Joy in the Journey,


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